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MLS - Click here to go to the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) to check all listings in Thompson Falls, Plains & Trout Creek; and then go to "property search" located on the right, where you just need to put in whether you want "residential" or "land" and then put in the city, and that's all you need.  If you find properties that interest you and would like more information on or would like our knowledge on, we would be very happy to freely share with you any knowledge we have on the property.  (We are paid by the seller, not you.)  We are very, very knowledgeable in Sanders County Real Estate's good, bad, & uglies!  We've had over 40 years of living here and over 35 years right here selling, building, and developing Real Estate.   

Hunting is a favorite activity in Sanders County. Here David is combing the mountains for a big bull elk.

Welcome to Bennett Homes & Realty and to Sanders County, Montana. We are located along the beautiful Clark Fork River in northwest Montana.

The scenic lands on both sides of our magnificent valley are owned by the federal government and managed by the US Forest Service. Privately owned land in this part of Montana is scarce. If you are interested in owning your own little piece of this incredible part of Montana, you've come to the right place and the right Realtor..

David Bennett, Owner and Realtor, pledges unfailing fulfillment of his duties and obligations and strict adherence to promises made to clients. He also pledges to treat honestly all parties to any real estate transaction. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate profession and maintains current information regarding market conditions. He affirms an obligation to serve property owners and prospective buyers to the best of this ability.



We are the only real estate company in northwest Montana
providing full-color 8"x12" aerial photos of listed properties
so you can visualize what your new "neighborhood" will look like. Using this fantastic tool, you gather as much important information about a property in 10 minutes as possible in 10 days driving around the area. That means you can focus more of your time on properties of real interest and less of it in a car just riding around.



 Atta boy, Andy Bennett, go get em!  

David Bennett takes all the aerial photos from his super cub to put on our "Big Board" to save you time and energy in looking at property.  All of Sanders County's cities and towns are covered: from Heron and Noxon in the northwest, down through Trout Creek, Belknap and Thompson Falls, continuing through Plains and Paradise, then to Hot Springs, Lonepine and Camas Prairie to the east, or Perma and Dixon southeast toward Missoula.  And not a single traffic light in the entire county!

One of those nice aerials -

this one of the Thompson River Mountains!



1.     DAVE is Sanders County's MOST EXPERIENCED real estate broker with over 30 years of actively selling real estate here in Sanders County!  Your  advantage:   Whether you're buying or selling you get the benefit of Dave's real estate knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through hundreds of listings and sales totaling millions of dollars throughout northwest Montana !

2.     ALL DAVE'S Listings appear on the MLS,,,,, as well as other real estate publications.   Your advantage:   As a seller you get tons of exposure for the real estate you  want to sell, and as a buyer "Dave can find what you want" via those same advertising venues ! 

3.     DAVE is the ONLY broker in northwest Montana who does oblique aerial photos of his listings.  Your advantage:   As a buyer, 2 minutes at our picture board with the aerial photos can save you 2 days of driving around, and as a seller, we have folks buying real estate immediately just from our aerial photos after seeing these informative photos on the internet or in other advertising publications !  (An aerial photo is truly worth a thousand words!)

4.     DAVE has 35 years experience in subdividing land here in Sanders County.  Your advantage:  As a seller, subdividing may net you far more money than selling in one parcel, and smaller parcels usually will sell more quickly!

5.     DAVE is renowned for his honesty, frankness, and "straight talk".  Your advantage: There are no surprises when you're buying or selling with Dave Bennett ! !

      If you're buying or selling:  go with the Dave Bennett Advantage !




Sometimes it is not well understood, why realtors exist or why we make the money we do. Our long existence provides a hint of the benefit we provide.  Here it is in a nutshell: We create opportunity, save money, and save time. At the time of purchase of a large asset, this can be very valuable to both the buyer and seller. That is why we are here to stay.

We make the buyer more powerful in the market. We help you offer less when possible. We tell you when you are wrong and need to reconsider your thinking to keep you real (we are honest with you whether you like it or not). We resolve your obstacles. We let the other side know you are professionally represented and can't be easily misled.

We are paid a fee based on success only, and it is substantial, so we will drive across the state on a holiday to troubleshoot some dangling detail that endangers your position. We help you get the best possible financing, and make the most of it. We keep your lawyer working for you, to get them fully up to speed when they need to step in. 

I can tell you that many conversations with the other party's agent, an adjusted offer structure, an item investigated, or any one of many variables expedited has made the difference between success and failure for a buyer.

Can you buy without an agent? Or course. You can also build a house, fix your computer, do a lot of things on your own, but it is a fact that the best represented clients generally buy better homes. Those on their own get what is left over and pay more of it. 

Finding home is part of what we do, but actually really a minor part. We are problem solvers, guides, consultants, who make the deal happen better.



Home buyers and sellers often inquire about what the Realtor's role is in the purchasing process. Here are a dozen things we do for you as your Realtor here in Thompson Falls, Montana.


1. Help you determine your buying power -- that is, your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. If you give us some basic information about your available savings, income and current debt, we can refer you to lenders best qualified to help you. Most lenders -- banks and mortgage companies -- offer limited choices.

2. Use our many resources to assist you in your home search. Sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market, and it takes some investigation to find all available properties.

3. Assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property. We have access to a variety of informational resources. We provide local community information on utilities, zoning. schools, etc. There are two things you'll want to know. First, will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell?

4. Help you negotiate. There are many negotiating factors, including but not limited to price, financing, terms, date of possession and often the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings or equipment. The purchase agreement should provide a period of time for you to complete appropriate inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase. We will advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required.

5. Provide due diligence during the evaluation of the property. Depending on the area and property, this could include inspections for insects, dry rot, asbestos, faulty structure, roof condition, septic tank and well tests, just to name a few. We assist you in finding qualified responsible professionals to do most of these investigations and provide you with written reports. You will also want to see a preliminary report on the title of the property. Title indicates ownership of property and can be mired in confusing status of past owners or rights of access. The title to most properties will have some limitations; for example, easements (access rights) for utilities. We work together with the title company or attorney to help you resolve issues that might cause problems at a later date.

6. Help you understand different financing options and identify qualified lenders.

7. Guide you through the closing process and make sure everything flows together smoothly.

8. When selling your home, we give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle.

9. Market your property to other real estate agents and the public. Often, we recommend repairs or cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the salability of your property. Typically, about half of real estate sales are cooperative sales; that is, a real estate agent other than yours brings in the buyer. We act as the marketing coordinator, disbursing information about your property to other real estate agents through a Multiple Listing Service or other cooperative marketing networks, open houses for agents, etc. The REALTOR® CODE OF ETHICS requires us to utilize these cooperative relationships when they benefit our clients.

10. Know when, where and how to advertise your property. There is a misconception that advertising sells real estate. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® studies show that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts. When a property is marketed with the help of your agent, you do not have to allow strangers into your home. We will generally prescreen and accompany qualified prospects through your property.

11. Help you objectively evaluate every buyer's proposal without compromising your marketing position. This initial agreement is only the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections and financing -- a lot of possible pitfalls. We help you write a legally binding, win-win agreement that will be more likely to make it through the process.

12. Help close the sale of your home. Between the initial sales agreement and closing (or settlement), questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are required to obtain financing or a cloud in the title is discovered. The required paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. We are the best people to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing (or settlement).

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Your 5 Advantages with Dave Bennett   |   
Welcome to Sanders County, Montana   |   Links   

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